Iran hints at nuclear concessions,’reform’ in nuclear policy

Iran hints at nuclear concessions,’reform’ in nuclear policy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Democratic National Committee is considering holding a major convention in Florida if Hillary Clinton wins the election, reports CBS News correspondent John Dickerson.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez and a number of other party leaders are hoping that the party’s presidential front-runner can overcome 우리카지노her apparent vulnerability to being hurt in the November election.

Democrats are expecting an outpouring of energy from the crowds, and a flood of new campaign dollars for a convention they hope will usher in sweeping changes to the party’s approach to policy and the way its leadership communicates with voters.

But, while party leaders are hoping for a show that could energize the party in a way that’s hard to translate to voter interest in an election cycle that will likely be more polarizing than President Donald Trump’s, there’s still some serious concern that Clinton may not go far enough in advancing what’s being billed as a 우리카지노major reform package for the nuclear arms race, according to several party leaders.

“If she gets to the stage and says she’s going to make an agreement, and her supporters would then vote for it on Election Day, then we’re going to have to take it to the next level and go to the American people,” said Perez, whose former boss, Sen. John F. Kerry, endorsed Clinton in an interview for this report on “60 Minutes” earlier this month.

That’s something Perez wants to hear.

“Let’s see what this is, let’s see if Hillary Clinton can actually build an infrastructure for that. I’m worried,” Perez told CBS News correspondent Dickerson.

Perez said he talked to Kerry at a private fundraiser the week after President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took the oath of office in January.

Kerry said 바카라사이트he was struck by what he heard about Clinton and what she said the next day during her “60 Minutes” interview: She “saddled” with the Obama administration.

“She was kind of walking a tightrope,” Kerry said.

CBS News

But the party’s national vice chairman, Rep. Ben Ray Luján, said Clinton is not as adept at working with Republicans on foreign and defense policy.

“I think she’s been so preoccupied with winning the nomination that she’s gone off the tracks here in terms of policy in the White House,” Luján said.

Clinton’s campaign is touting wha