Telstra offers farmers 3g phone assurances in addition to its existing 3 Gbps internet service

Telstra offers farmers 3g phone assurances in addit우리카지노ion to its existing 3 Gbps internet service;

It has also announced a 10-year fibre-to-the-premises policy; and

It has increased its capacity for fixed networks – to 100,000 premises – by up to 600,000 premises annually.

Folks on the inside see the NBN as about the same as Telstra, albeit with a smaller fibre footprint and wider distribution network. What Telstra doesn’t want in the NBN is competition, and so doesn’t want any investment in the network and doesn’t want competition at all from broadband telcos. Telstra would rather have the NBN installed outside the premises and only compete with fibre companies who can provide customers with a faster internet service in a small footpri바카라nt.

In fact, NBN Co wants to have NBN as its flagship product to build on – with the company as its exclusive player, so it can concentrate on making sure it delivers the best product that the market will bear.

This is not a debate about whether or not Telstra should be doing fibre to the premises. There is no debate about whether NBN should be running fibre in its own premises.

For many Australian consumers this is just another issue to be resolved, and they simply want NBN service, not the ability to pay for fibre to the premises.

I will discuss the details of the FTTN and FTTP plans for the new com우리카지노pany in its own article, following the publication of this blog post.